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Review of the Makita LS1019L 10 Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser

The Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser is a high end miter saw that delivers superior performance in all saws in its class. It is a 1o inch dual bevel sliding saw that can carry out compound tasks in wood cutting. If you need a saw with a large cutting capacity and a superb performance, then you have this saw at your disposal. It will surely outperform every other saw you have thought to be the best. Accuracy is not a factor to debate with this saw as the makers wanted the best for the users. Hence, its accuracy in delivering jobs was given a topmost priority. The level of accuracy you will get in the course of using this saw will leave you glued it forever in all your woodwork projects.  As a compound sliding saw, it provides you with all the full benefits a saw typical of it will do. Much more, it offers you a cutting edge performance you will ever need with a suitable size to making it a very portable you can easily and comfortably carry about with you for all kinds of jobs. With its superb cutting capacity, doing difficult wood work jobs becomes very easy and fast. You can get jobs such as crown molding and baseboards cutting executed within a snap effortlessly. With its 4-3/4 cutting capacity, it can cut across 4×4 dimensional lumbers within a few seconds. The architecture of this miter saw makes it fit for carpentry, woodworking, construction and general construction.  It is powered by a 15 AMP capacity motor. With this, it becomes very easy and smooth to start up. Also, you can be assured of a constant power supply without having the need to change or replace the belts. There is added electric brake that this miter saw with. This is to add to the level of comfort and convenience users get while working with it. The beauty of this can only best be experienced than explained.

Specs of the Makita LS1019L 

  1. It is 15Ampere motor powered.
  2. It has a corded power type as against a wireless type.
  3. It has a speed capacity of 3200 RPM
  4. Its blade diameter is measured to be 10 inches wide.
  5. Its maximum cutting capacity for the miter angle is put at 90 degrees.
  6. It has a superb electric brake.
  7. It also comes with an easy to understand laser guide.
  8. It has a cord length of 8.2 feet


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The manufacturers of this miter saw put a superb touch to its design that makes it appealing to both amateur and professional users. A first time view of it will leave you amazed as it is beautifully crafted with rich features to give a touch of excellence to your wood work projects. It’s design has made it have a dual steel railing system that makes it unique and sets it apart fro all other sliding miter saws. With this design comes the option for users to have a reduction in the operation flush and footprint of works against the walls.  

Blade Guard

Blade guards have become synonymous with miter saws as they play a vital role in their operations. Little wonders, miter saws have gained a wider acceptance and popularity among many persons within a short time with the functionality of their blade guards. The blade guards do give the gliding miter saws a touch of distinction. A more unique thing about the blade guard system of this saw is that it is transparent making very easy for users –either professional or amateur to see through the work they are doing.  This uniqueness of transparency in this miter saw blade guard system makes it possible for users to have a clearer level of visibility of the blade and lines of cutting. The experience of using a miter saw without a blade guard system is not a pleasurable one. Seeing the blade guards of this miter saw will make you fall in love completely with it. Its visibility is acceptable which is found to be very important when you are in the process of lining up cuts.

The Functionality

The Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw offers a greater level of functionality that authenticates its top position among all other gliding miter saws and has seen it as an ideal miter saw for all kinds of woodwork projects. It can also be compared to the Makita LS1216L . The manufacturer of this miter saw has been recommended as they obviously did a beautiful job in its engineering by implementing some innovative changes to how this saw tool is used , most especially the way it is controlled with account to angle and miter cuts.

A strikingly distinctive functionality in this saw is type of the miter detent release system it comes with. It is made to be very simple to use and superbly intuitive.  There is no need wasting precious amount of energy and time to get the task of releasing done. A simple pull will see you experiencing the wonders in this tool. Just by using one of your thumbs, you can easily and quietly pull down the miter to face whatever position you desire – either left or right and have it absolutely released at pre-set detents or you can just as calmly over-ride the detents with the help of a singular button. All this can easily be done with one of your fingers while you concentrate on the miter while working with one hand.

Its Cut Capacity

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Cut capacity issue has always been a great distinctive difference for miter saws, most especially between those of 10” and 12” size. But that is not a case for this miter saw as the manufacturer appropriately took care of this possible challenge during its making process by extending its cut capacity. Most miter saws do have a general cutting limit of ninety degree across cuts. But this miter saw exceeds that limit so users can achieve more with its use.  It can conveniently cut 6-5/8 inches of nested wood and 5-/4 inches vertical base woods and a cross cut of 4X12. With this, it has an increased capacity than any other saw.

Another great feature that is interesting to know about this saw is the availability of a crown/chop lock. The function of this lock is to help in locking the head of the assembly at intermittent times so that there will be maximum capacity for the cuts in the materials being used.  In simpler terms, it allows you to lock the anchor of the saw out far away from the fence so that there will be a maximization of the use of the blade to the actual position for the best cut that is accustomed by the blade. This is a new feature that is only found in this model as other miter saw model do not come with this.

Dust collection

Have you ever faced the challenge of working with dust as a great hindrance to making progress in your wood work project? This can be done away if manufacturers of miter saws put thorough check in this aspect of manufacturing saws. Well, there is good news with this saw as such ugly experience is totally dealt with when you use this saw. Most dust bags that come with miter saws are generally inefficient. But not so with this miter saw as it has one that is extremely useful and efficient. The manufacturers of this saw took time enough to come up with a superb dust bag that gives the dust collection of this miter saw a real sense of relevance. The dust collection system of this saw comes with a vacuum adaptor, a dust bag and dust elbow that deal with the challenge of dust while working. The dust collection system of this miter saw can remove 92% of the dust generated while you work as it is a dual system thereby giving you the needed comfort, speed and making your workplace a comfortable and clean place to work in.


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There is a measure of ergonomics put in the design and manufacture of this saw. This is noticeable in the handles. The handles and trigger are custom made with the users in mind, thus making it very easy and comfortable for you while working with it.


This miter saw has a level of compatibility that gives user the needed motivation in working with it. With a small size weighing 57.9 lbs, it becomes a standby saw for jobs as it is very portable.

Benefits of using Makita LS1019L

  1. It is ideal for small spaces. If you don’t have enough workspace, you need to worry as this miter saw is compact to fit into your size.
  2. It gives the users with great level of comfort and convenience.
  3. It can do a whole lot of tasks for users.

Conclusion on the Makita LS1019L 

If you want a permanent stop to your entire endless search for a saw that is appropriate for you. No need for further searching as the Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser will grant all your needs met. This is the right solution to all your cutting needs. The design and level of technology used its manufacture has made this saw a superb companion among many a wood worker. The laser is system it comes with is second to none in the market. Go with this saw for all your wood work projects.


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