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Full review of The Makita LS1216L miter saw

The Makita LS1216L miter saw is saw that expresses simplicity plus innovation. It is a dual bevel sliding miter saw of 10 inches size that’s capable of doing compound wood works. It is packed with rich features that portray its numerous capacity, efficiency and excellent performance. It is small in size, yet very powerful. Its dust extraction system is something to wow you as you will amazed at the output it gives to you while working with it.  It is designed with a good touch of innovation. The innovative drive in which it is manufactured makes it to have a different gearbox system. The innovative and highly efficient simply to use gearbox and guard system has been designed and made to give you increased cutting capacity in both horizontal and vertical angles while cutting with it. The cutting capacity across the board is at (5-1/4”) and for the molding of crown, it is put at (6-5/8” nested).  Its cutting capacity among saws in its categories. Thus, it has made it to be a top notch and favorite saws among many professional and amateur users. You can use this saw to cut materials at a crosscut of 4×12 at 90 degrees.  There is simplicity of design implemented in this saw. Taking a look at it, you will see that it has a lock for the bevel that is easily accessible for immediate use as it is rightly positioned not far away from the user’s reach. The lock is just at the front side of the saw so that users can easily access it and do immediate adjustments to their choice. Users can get adjustments done from 0 degrees to 80 degrees in both left and right directions.

This miter saw does not consume much of power as it can be powered with a power capacity of 15 Amperes. In its simplicity, you can easily start it with a soft start, making it different from every other saw you must have come across with. There is a functionality of easy and smooth drive system called the direct drive. This functionality helps in giving users a smoother string up of the miter saw and helps in driving steady and constant consistent power without the aid of belts to replace or slip. The presence of the electric brake system is to provide the professional and amateur users with an added level of comfort and convenience while they work with it. Also, it is noteworthy to know that there is the functionality of an electronic speed control which helps in maintaining constant speed while working with heavy loads so as users can get desired output of a highly qualitative and smooth cutting.

Additional features include a high-quality 60T carbide-tipped blade, with a see-through blade guard system for greater visibility of the blade and line-of-cut. The built-in laser indicates the line-of-cut whether the blade is turning or not, and offers micro-adjustments for precise “left-of-blade” or “right-of-blade” cutting. For improved dust extraction it has an improved dust collection capability for use with a bag (included) or vacuum (sold separately). It also has a large-sized aluminum base that improves the stability of cutting stock for more efficient cutting.


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Features of the Makita LS1216L

  1. It is a miter saw of 10″ but has the crown molding cut capacity of that of a 12″saw.
  2. It is unique in its design as it has a dual steel sliding system. The rail sliding system offers the users much more its gliding operation as it is very simple to work with. It also does the function of reducing the footprints in saw thereby allowing an easy operation of flushing against any wall it comes in contact with.
  3. It has a high capacity of cutting woods up to an increased level of ranges between 6 to 5/8″ coupled with a superb crown molding  capacity that is nested vertically, 5-1/4″ baseboard vertical cutting , and an amazing cutting of 12″ crosscuts at 90°
  4. It also has a bevel lock at the front of it for ease of use, comfort and convenience while operating it.


  1. Its dust collection is superb as it has a dual system. The dual ports that come with help in providing an absolutely dust free working environment for the users. It is such an excellent system that it will completely drive away dust from interfering with the work of the users.


  1. The functionality of a linear ball bearing system. This system has been designed and made for the delivery on superb and accurate cuts to the delight and satisfaction of users.



The design of this miter saw has made it to have a light weight. It weighs only 58lbs. It has one of the best compact designs among its class of miter saws. This compact nature of its size is to ensure that it does appear heavy on users, thus increasing the ease and convenience it provides to both amateur and professional users while working with it.

Its Functionality

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The Makita LS1216L miter saw offers an advanced level of functionality that confirms its strong position as an ideal miter saw for all kinds of applications. The manufacturer, Bosch has done a beautiful job in its engineering by changing some axiological changes to how this saw tool is controlled with account to angle and miter cuts.

One of the features of this saw that tops its functionality is the Controls that are largely positioned at the front. These controls positioned in the front of the saw will make you suddenly fall in love with it as you will simply love the features. They are manufactured along with this miter saw in order to make the process of releasing angles a seamless and simple assignment to do. What you will find in other similar miter saws is that they have the lever and controls positioned at the back of the saw, thus making it pretty difficult for users to use as they will have to lean their back on the saw. But this miter saw has its own lever located at its front. With this, it makes the saw safer and convenient to use.

Precision and Adjustability of the Makita LS1216L

The manufacturers of this saw did an excellent work in making this a highly efficient that gives accuracy and precision in cuts. This is one great aspect of this you will ever live to remember as it adds beauty to your and gives a touch of professionalism to it. It has been specially made to give a touch of distinction. From the design to the features, everything is just superb. The design creates room for features that makes it easy for the precision to be easily adjusted. This is beautiful as you will hardly find this distinctive feature in other miter saws. With this, it becomes easy for you to fine tune the precision to your desired choice. In addition, you can also easily fine tune a new saw from the box. The level of accuracy you will get from this saw will amaze you as I was tested it with some works and the outputs were superb.

Dust collection system

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The dust collection system of this saw works wonderfully well that you will give it a topmost consideration in getting one for yourself immediately.  It has a dual dust collection system as the manufactured made it to have two dust bags/ports. It is capable of removing 92% of dust produced in the course of working quickly. This is made possible because this saw has an inbuilt system that is attached to the back of the blade for easy dust collection with the help of the two available ports. You will need to worry as regards the environment of your workspace as the manufacturers put you in consideration by providing a top notch dust collection system in this miter saw for you. Hence, you can get the best desired outputs ever.

Its Cut Capacity

Cut capacity issue has always been a great challenge for miter saws, most especially those of 10”. But that is not a case for this miter saw as the manufacturer appropriately took care of this possible challenge during its making process. Most miter saws are known to have a general cutting limit of ninety degree across cuts. But this miter saw exceed that limit so users can achieve much with it. This cutting capacity gives rise to its superb performance.

Conclusion on the Makita LS1216L

The technological innovation and simplicity deployed in the making of the Makita LS1216L miter saw has seen it becoming a popular choice miter saw among many professional and amateur users. The degree of design and engineering done on it makes this saw a perfectly accurate and precise saw. The design has also made it to be a very compact saw that is very easy to carry and work with. When next you are considering a great combination of excellence, accuracy, simplicity and top notch quality in a miter saw, go nowhere. Just get this saw and you are satisfied. It can fit into use in all wood work projects and capacity.


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