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Looking for a saw extra-ordinary and superb? Read on for a full festool kapex review. It is a great combination of sleek design with a superb unparalleled performance. It is one of the best miter saws you will lay your hands on in the market. The manufacturers did a great work in the making of this saw as it comes in a blend of innovative and beautiful designs. Some miter saws out there in the markets are just beautiful on the outside so as they can get the attention of buyers but not to offer with their features. This saw stands out as it also has great innovative features aside its beautiful design. There is absolutely nothing to ask for in a saw that you give a professional touch. It is specially made to give you accuracy in your cuts when you use it to carry out tasks. Aside this, it is a thoroughly made saw that will give the best grade of values which you can only dream of in other saws. It is a one of a kind miter saw. We will be looking at the full picture of Festool PD561287 Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw and what you can derive from its use.

Whether you are a professional or amateur woodworker, this saw is best for you as it is suited to serve you well and put a permanent smile on your face. So, you are full assured of inestimable value from your investment in its purchase. If you are a heavy duty worker, you will find this saw a good companion. The individuals who like doing things by themselves are also not left out as this saw promises much more reliability and accuracy for them. If you take regular or casual works, you will saw the applicability of this saw in your daily use. You have to look no further as this saw will get all woodworking tasks done for you.

Great accuracy

Festool Kapex saw comes with inbuilt double laser systems for great level of accuracy in your works. Miter saws are commonly found to have just single lasers, yet they still give good performance. So with this exceptional saw that has double lasers, you are guaranteed of double and exceptional accuracy. This is in a bid to make your work more professional and satisfactory to yourself and even clients. No needs to worry any longer about the nature of your cutting as you are bound to have precise cuttings with it. In addition to its purpose of double accuracy, the double lasers make the possibility of having the alignment of your cuts from the angles of the two sides of the saw. There is an ease of use with this saw as the lasers are easy to work with. You can easily fine tune to your desired preference by simply adjusting the control with the three-edge adjustment controls that come with the saw. In ensuring you are safe while using the double lasers for greater accuracy, there is a safety button it has on its body. With this button, you can easily switch on / off the lasers without necessarily switching on / off the saw itself. A beautiful feature about the double lasers is that they do not need batteries to operate as they are fully powered electrically.  So with this, you save less on their usage unlike what is obtainable in other common miter saws. It is unimaginable to be in the process of cutting a wood with a battery powered laser and suddenly the batteries die off without any available replacement batteries. Such experience is never palatable. Such unexpected yet avoidable experience is taken care of with this miter saw. At such, you have an edge when using it.

Precision of the festool Kapex

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Another beautiful feature of this miter saw is the incomparable preciseness it gives to work irrespective of the level of professionalism of the individual using it. It is so precise that you can find its equal anywhere else. This is made possible with the presence of the miter scale it comes with. This precise miter scale in operation with the double lasers gives you the best of desired output in your work. This miter scale is precisely manufactured to have very easy to read and adjustable clear angles. The level of its precision is such that you can easily and accurately set your desired angles even to fractions of the minutest degree. After you must have successfully set it to your desired angle, you can prevent it from sliding back thereby ruining your work. All you will do is to lock it. Isn’t this so wonderful? It surely indicates that the users were put in a strong consideration during the manufacture of this miter saw.

Portability and Compactness

You want a thoroughly engineered miter saw that will serve you reliably without being an obstacle to you? Then this saw is your number one choice. It has been made in such a compact size that it is light weight, about 46 pounds. So, it becomes very easy for you to handle and work with without feeling any stress. Though it is not the lightest of all miter saws, it is very portable. The design it comes with makes it very easily for you, the user to carry about. With the availability of two handles at the two extreme sides, it becomes pretty easy when carrying from any angle as the centre of gravity in it will be close to you so as you will not feel the pain of carrying it while working. When the saw is idle, the head of it will automatically lock down. This is to make not only easier to lift but also to make the size smaller so that it can be packed in safe smaller locations. Its compact and portable design also makes it possible for you to keep it safely against the walls so as you will have more space freed up in your workshop.

Excellent Dust Extraction

Check this out  Festool kapex ks 120 review- Festool Mitre saw

So many individuals do not take delight in the dust bags that most miter saws do come with. Some are of the strong opinion that they are not necessary saw they do not function well. But that is about to change with the Festool PD561287 Kapex, as the system built into it for the extraction and collection of dust is superb and impressive. It beats every other miter saw off the competition strongly that you can be proud off as it has the capacity of blowing off an impressive 95% of the saw dust generated during the course of your work. The other miter saws in the market claim to blow off dust to a good degree of 70% the truth is that but majority do not come near the acclaimed figure. This miter saw is able to achieve this feat because it was manufactured to do so as it works by immediately directing dust away from your work place with its amazing dust ports. Aside this, it also has an inbuilt dust hood that pulls dust away straight into the ports where the dust will be collected and disposed while you are working. With this system, you will not be distracted with your work. More so, it helps to keep your working environment safe, clean and neat.


  1. It comes with great quality
  2. The level of precision and accuracy you get in the course of using this miter saw is second to none. It is simply unprecedented in the world of miter saws.
  3. It also has one of the highest levels of smoothness you will get in a miter saw while working with it.
  4. Very reliable. You will experience any form of hiccups, failure or nay unexpected break down while working with him. Its reliability and trustworthiness is top notch.
  5. Its dust extracting system is the best. You don’t any added accessory to get the best of its dust extraction system up to 92%.
  6. It does not productions while users operate on it.
  7. It is an extremely accurate high end tool


  1. It has a premium price. This is what most individuals do not like about it as some will not be able to afford it. Though pricey, yet it is affordable as it a tool worth investing your money into.


Check this out  Festool kapex ks 120 review- Festool Mitre saw

This Festool Kapex review is aimed at helping professionals make better decisions. This tool is easy to handle and operate. It should also be easy to set to all manner of miter and accurately reset according to user’s preference. It should have a simple design yet effective and powerful giving the user a good return on their investments. When you are in need of high end miter saws, this saw takes the lead. The Festool PD561287 Kapex mitre saw is all you need to for a quality work. The level of accuracy and the quality deployed in its make will beat many competitors out of the market.  It is time to replace your old tool with this all powerful miter saw. 

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