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Festool kapex ks 120 review- Festool Mitre saw

 There are countless numbers of miter saws that have high prices but with little to offer in terms of quality and performance to the user. However, there are a few miter saws that offer you much value than your invested money that you will ever live to appreciate. Such miter saws is the festool kapex ks 120 mitre saw. You can’t lesser with this saw as it is designed to offer excellent values at all classes of users.

When it comes to high-end exceptional miter saws, this particular saw takes the lead. If you’re searching for excellent alternative saws to replace your old tool with a good replacement that will serve you right, now is your chance as the opportunity has been thrown widely open to you with this saw. A lot of users have this strong notion that price is equivalent to quality. So, the more expensive an apparatus is, the better the quality one will get from it. However, it’s not accurate at all times.

If you’ve been having negative perceptions about miter saw in terms of their performance, that is about to change now as I walk you through an exact and faultless review of this saw. With this knowledge, you will be able to find a lasting solution to your wood working needs with this saw. We are here to guide and help you in making the best decision in your miter saw purchase. No need searching endlessly for the right solution for your small and big projects, we have got you covered. Sit back and relax as you go on a ride with this review.

The basics of the KS 120

The moment you see this accurate saw, you’ll be amazed at how excellent a tool can be. It has additional great features to give you  superb performance in dealing with any wood work project without giving you stress or pains. Its 1600W motor offers capricious speeds from 1400 up to 3400 RPM. With this awesome rate, it’s able to cut smoothly into any or kind of wood irrespective of its thickness without posing a challenge to the user.

Safety in this tool is also a great feature to take note of. Safety is at the apex level. The blades are distinctively designed and made to abate noise and vibrations while in use. Also, the barometer elements on miter saw are well-aligned and calibrated properly to give amazing accuracy. It has a dual laser capacity.  This double laser mechanism allows you to cut any angle of wood with great accuracy and precision. The dust accumulating system is also good, simple to setup, and above all – vey efficient.

The Design of the Festool Kapex Ks 120

It’s strikingly obvious to note that a lot of precision was put into the manufacture and architecture as it is sleek and beautiful. Every part of this tool you can think of is rightly positioned in the appropriate ways so as to make ease of use superb. They are in their appropriate positions, convenient and accessible to the users. This saw may not top the list of the simplest saws but it is also not regarded as a complicated saw as the features and its simplicity speak great volumes of its user-friendliness. The amateur users should comprehend the user manual it comes with to ensure that all things are in order before use. The expert and professional users are equally advisable to go through the instruction guide as they will have some great stuff to pick and learn from it.

As earlier mentioned, the barometer instruments are excellent. Needless to say, alliance and angle bases are what make a great distinction between a mid-range and premium miter saw. These qualities have given great rise to this miter saw. This accurate saw is unarguably one of the best saws in its own class in terms of accuracy.

There is a Fast Fix arrangement that allows you to conveniently change the blade fast and easy depending on your taste. Many humans attempt with much energy with changing of blade because it requires alignments and recalibration. With this miter saw, this is not obtainable as the fast fix system will make things smooth and effortless. Needless to say, the Fast Fix arrangement can be easily used by both amateur and professional users.


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The safety elements of this miter saw so are great that you have a great level of assurance while using it. The manufacturer put into place a lot of safety measures into this toll to help users. There is a blade guard embedded into it. This blade guard has been made to be easily seen-through material and simple to use. The handle anchor isn’t cushioned, but it still doesn’t give vibrations as much as one would see in other saws due to the distinctively made slim blades. Thanks to the top notch innovation put into its design, everything is under your strong control while the apparatus is below working. With this, you can easily detect and correct whatever wants to go wrong in the course of working.

Dust removal

One of the many features of this great tool that stands out with amazing appearance is none other than the superb absolute dust extraction mechanism. The maker claims it’s able to abstract up to 92% of dust, which is impressive, to say the least. The importantly sweet thing about it is that it’s custom made and built into the apparatus instead of getting just any other individual dust bag hanged on the dust port.  All you have to do is to connect is to attach a hose to the port and use some of the Festool’s dust extractors for optimal extraction. So, you do not need an extra item to get the dust extracted out of the tool while working. This is superb and incredible.

Operational smoothness

Check this out  FESTOOL KAPEX REVIEW- Festool Mitre saw

The evaluation of the smoothness of this miter saw is what I did. In my experiment, I found out that its operating smoothness is second to none. None other miter saws in the market beat with its amazing smoothness while working with them. It is made with a strong pivoting system to make movement while cutting action is ongoing easy. Its sliding action is precise, powerful and silky. It does not require much effort from the user in sliding through the cut.

Angle setting ease

An acceptable miter saw should be simple to set for all kinds and levels of miter, bend and complicated angle cuts, again reset for aboveboard cuts quickly and accurately. Most common saws are designed with controls at the front of the saw for locking in level angles and a lock or bulge about the back that helps in securing the saw’s bevel angles — a simple and efficient arrangement. In contrast, this saw has front-mounted miter and bend controls. It’s a great idea and I found out that the controls are easy to use. Both the bend level and miter “micro adjust” mechanisms will require so many actions to implement. The user as well has a micro-adjuster for setting and getting absolute miter angles, which is very simple to use.

Ease in cutting woods

The festool kapex ks 120 miter saw specially and thoroughly designed to cut through across all kinds of wood and plastics. When it comes to cutting through thicker pieces of wood and harder plastic, it does not disappoint as it is made to serve such purpose and others as you want. Being on the top list of the high end and premium miter saws, it can cut through around all woods. You will not have any limitations when you are working with all kinds of wood. But it is advisable to use materials with the range of the cutting angles for this miter saw.

Pros of the Fetsool Kapex Ks 120

  1. The accuracy and precision derivable from this saw is second to none.
  2. Its dust elimination system is among the best in the world of miter saws. It is capable of extracting 92% of dust.
  3. It’s smoothness of operations makes it to be a favorite among many amateur and professional users.
  4. It does not produce vibrations when in use.
  5. It is a superb high end tool that is reliable and efficient.


  1. It is relatively expensive.

Verdict on the Festool Kapex  Ks 12o mitre saw

This festool kapex ks 120 miter saw is the best investment for professional users. Though expensive, users will derive maximum benefits and values form its purchase and use. It is advisable that one uses it on a daily basis so as the make it cost-efficient. With a great list of efficient and powerful features, it can be easily regarded as an affordable miter saw by many a user. For amateur users, this tool is also recommended for you despite its price. If you like working with a high end too that will drive professionalism into your work and give the best of quality and satisfaction; you should go with this saw. You will be amazed with the experience as it has got much more to offer you. 

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