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Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw

The Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw has a good amount of great features that makes it a favorite among many individuals who use miter saws for their projects.  Its pre-aligned feature makes it a great tool for accurate and precise cut in all wood work assignments. Its precision is not just a temporal one but one that lasts for a very long period of time, even expending to all its tenure.  It is a highly recommended saw as it has got values to offer its users ranging from high performance, superior cutting motion, and space saving capacity.  We shall be taking a thorough look at what this saw has got to offers both professional and amateur users. In a brief view, this miter saw has the following product features:

  1. A light weight of less than 70 lbs, precisely 65 lbs.
  2. The use of stainless steel to make its miter scales. Its miter and bevel scales are designed in an easy to read mode.
  3. It has an axial glide system that makes it very suitable for the production of precision of works in very compact areas.
  4. Its cutting capacity is in an extended capacity as it has blades that are of 6.5 inches in size.
  5. A great ergonomic touch was put into its design, thus making it very comfortable and convenient for users to handle it for a very long period of time.

Full review of the Bosch GCM12SD

A unique design

This saw, as one of the flagship saws from its manufacturers, come in a unique design. Its unique design comes with an axial gliding system that makes it very easy to produce precision and accuracy in cuts by giving the user absolute control while using it. The type of design used in making this saw has given a great stand and distinction from every of its contemporaries. It comes with a whole lot of innovative functionalities and features that makes specifically indispensable for works involving a very small workplace. The quality used in producing this saw is incorporated into its design with innovative features to make it a must have for very wood worker.

The axial glide system

This saw does not use the popular rails system that is found in every other saw. Rather the kind of technology deployed its engineering has made it fit to work with the gliding system. The traditional rail system is known to take much of space. The reverse is the case in the gliding system. Hence this miter saw, unlike other miter saws, does not take up unnecessary space while working. With this system, it is possible to easily fold up the back part of this saw with a strong arm flush, thus saving up a lot of space up to 12 inches. The design of this glide system also makes it possible for users to make use of the saw with little allowance to the back. This makes more convenient to use in small workspaces. The axial glide system also give you more control and balance while working with this miter saw.


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This miter saw has an enviable flexible capacity. Hence, it has so much to offer in value to the users, thus making it superior to other miter saws. In the aspect of flexibility, it is capable of cutting wood up to the length of 16 inches horizontally and more than 7 inches vertically. Aside this, it becomes very easy in using it to cut crown up to 6.5 inches. With this varied cutting capacities, you have the freedom and flexibility to do a lot of wood cuts with it, which is not obtainable in other 12 inches miter saws.

Another thing to take note of in its flexible capacity is the square lock fence. The inbuilt square lock fences are awesome as they have made to get alignment of 90 degrees right of the box giving you a higher level of accuracy. The beautiful thing is that all you have to do is simply to adjust them. At the touch of a simple button for lock and unlocking feature, the square lock fence will easily slide into any desired position you prefer. This helps in giving you exact alignment while working so you have a precise and accurate output of works.

Ambidextrous design

The ambidextrous design deployed in the manufacture of this saw makes it to cut across all classes of professional and amateur users. So if you are a left-sided user, you will this miter saw as you don’t have to be deterred with the challenge of not being able to use it with your left hand like you have in other saws. The manufacturer designed it with the conception for both lefties and right handed individuals. So, there is no excuse of not getting a great work done irrespective of your situation. Everybody will benefit immensely from this ambidextrous design. Also, with this design comes the ease and simplicity of shifting position and direction of work while working with this tool. In times when you have to make bent and weird angles, you will find this a great tool in getting such done for you. It also has a soft grip to make handling easy for users. It becomes very convenient for you to carry it with either hand.

Bye to Dust Forever

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Ever wondered the challenge of working with dust as a great hindrance to your making progress in your wood work progress? That awful experience is totally dealt with when you use this saw. Most dust bags that come with miter saws are generally fashion items – totally useless. But not so with this miter saw as it has one that is extremely useful and efficient. The manufacturers of this saw took time enough to come up with a superb dust bag that gives the dust collection of this miter saw a real touch of significance. The dust collection system of this saw comes with a vacuum adaptor, a dust bag and dust elbow that deal with the challenge of dust while working. The dust collection system of this miter saw can remove 92% of the dust generated while you work thereby giving you more comfort and making your workplace a convenient and neat place to work from.


The beauty in the design and rich features of this saw will be incomplete with a reference to its compactness. So, the maker left no stones unturned in this aspect. So, if you want a compact miter saw, you’ve got to look no further than this miter saw. Its rich and innovative features coupled with its compact nature will make you fall in love with it. It is a topmost choice who wants compact workspaces.


There is a level of ergonomics put in the design and engineering of this saw. This we can see in the handles. The handles and trigger are designed with the user in mind, thus making it very easy and comfortable for you while working with it.

Benefits of using this miter saw

  1. It is great for compact spaces. If you don’t have enough workspace, you need to worry as this miter saw is compact to fit into your use.
  2. It provides the users with great level of comfort and convenience. It is engineered to make users comfortable while they work with it for a very long time.
  3. It can do a whole lot of tasks for users as a result of its flexibility and ambidexterity.

Pros of the Bosch GCM12SD

  1. It gives a highly accurate and precise cut. You get the best of accuracy and precision in your projects.
  2. It comes with simple and easy to understand scales and bevel levels. If you are not given to details, you need to worry less as this miter saw will help you out. It comes with scales that are large enough to see and understand.
  3. The bevel and miter scales are easily adjustable.

Cons of the Bosch GCM12SD

  1. It is relatively heavy.
  2. It involves you twisting to lock it. You will have to do some twisting to be assured of what you are working on. 

Conclusions on the Bosch GCM12SD

Are you looking for the ideal miter saw that will meet all your wood cutting needs? Maybe, you want a permanent stop to your entire endless and fruitless search for a saw that is appropriate and relevant for you. No need for continuous searching as the Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw is all you need. This is the right solution to all your cutting needs. The design and level of technology used its manufacture has made this saw a dependable companion among many a wood worker. Amateurs and professional wood worker has found a very indispensable tool in their workspace and a great return on investment for them as it offers more than the expected values and excellence you will not get in other miter saws. This miter saw will perform well as well as last long. Its useful features, innovations, flexibility and ambidexterity will make you settle for any other miter saw except this.


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