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BOSCH CM10GD Review {You should read this}

 Here is an a full article on BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH review. The Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter saw is a saw with a unique touch. It has the availability of a patented Axial-Glide System. For those of you not familiar with the Axial-Glide Arrangement most especially the amateur users, it’s a superb innovative arrangement that replaces the much popular “rail” arrangement that most sliding miter saws use. The Axial-Glide Arrangement offers two big advantages in my assessment which include a “smaller footprint” which allows the saw to be placed in close range to a wall, and an advanced level of movement consistent in added accurate and precise cutting.

Since the official launch of the 12″ model, I’ve heard from many a few readers that ask about the availability of maintenance on the Axial-Glide™ Arrangement. It is noteworthy to know that this saw can serve you excellently well with its full functionalities like a new one even after a period of three years.

Full BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH review.

Its Functionality

The Bosch CM10GD offers an advanced level of functionality that confirms its strong position as an ideal miter saw for all kinds of applications. The manufacturer, Bosch has done a beautiful job in its engineering by changing some axiological changes to how this saw tool is controlled with account to angle and miter cuts.

One of the features of this saw that tops its functionality is the Up Front Controls. These up controls positioned in the front of the saw will make you suddenly fall in love with this saw. I personally love these features. They are manufactured along with this miter saw in order to make the process of angle release an easy and simple task to do. Older alliance saws had the batten on the aback of the saw which appropriate you to angular over the saw to release.  What is applicable in other miter saws is that they have the lever positioned at the back of the saw, which makes it very difficult for the users to use as they will have to lean their back on the saws to release. But this miter saw has its own lever located at its front. With this, it makes the saw safer and convenient to use.

Another awesome functionality in this saw is the miter detent release system. It is so simple to use and superbly intuitive. You don’t have to use your full energy to get a release done. Just with one of your thumbs, you can calmly pull down the miter to face whatever position you want – either left or right and absolutely releases it at pre-set detents or you can just as calmly over-ride the detents with the same button. The point is that all this can be done with one of your fingers while you concentrate on the miter beat with one hand.

Its Cut Capacity

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Cut capacity issue has always been a great challenge for miter saws, most especially those of 10”. But that is not a case for this miter saw as the manufacturer appropriately took care of this possible challenge during its making process. Most miter saws are known to have a general cutting limit of ninety degree across cuts. But this miter saw exceed that limit so users can achieve much with it.

Another great feature that is interesting to know about this saw is the availability of a crown/chop lock. This function of this lock is to help in locking the head of the assembly at intermittent times so that there will be maximum capacity for the cuts in the materials being used.  In simpler terms, it allows you to lock the anchor of the saw out far away from the fence so that there will be a maximization of the blade to the actual position for the best cut that is accustomed by the blade. This is a new feature that is only found in this model as it is not in the GCM12SD.

For added applications the CM10GD is suitable to get you covered. The only area I see that it might not found its right usefulness is for big projects for individuals that deal with cutting large pieces of wood like 2×12 rafters. In such circumstances, you will have no other option than to go for the 12″ version. Another Mitre saw that can be compared with the Here is an a full article on BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH  is the Festool Kapex Ks 120.

Precision and Adjustability of the BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH review.

One great thing one ill suddenly find attractive and beautiful about this saw is the way the manufacturers did an innovative engineering work on it. It was superbly engineered to give a touch of class. From the design to the features, everything is just superb. The design creates room for features that makes it easy for the precision to be easily adjusted. This is so great as you will rarely find this superb feature in other miter saws. With this, you can easy fine tune the precision according to your taste and preference. Aside this, you can also easily fine tune craft a new saw from the box. You will be amazed at the level of accuracy you get from this miter saw. I was able to test the new saw crafted by cutting some crown molding and the result was amazing. The jaw was neat and flawless. A more important thing about this saw is that it is very easy and simple to adjust. Some individuals either amateurs or professional users do not need to get themselves worked out in a bid to adjust the saw. With its ease of adjustability, you can also mainatain thoroughness and accuracy in your cuts. The design of this saw has so much to offer in terms of adjustability as all types of adjustments that are easy to use are built into it. The simplicity of its design and manufacture is also striking as it is easy to deal with in the producing of accurate cuts at all times and levels.

Features and functionalities of the Fence on the BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH.

A feature that less attention is given to in miter saw is the fence system. It is a generally disregarded aspect of the miter saws that individuals don’t bother  with whether a saw has it or not. Despite its disregard by many individuals, it plays a vital role in the use of miter saws. Little wonder the manufacturers of this saw ensured that there is a fence system in this saw. The Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw has a two phased pieces of fences (the lower fence is anchored and the high fence slides out to extend the length. Both fences accept a calibration casting into the face for future and repetitive cuts. The fence as well has holes for tightly clamping assisting fences. Once little distinguishing factor amid the CM10GD and the GCM12SD is the fence table. The portion of the fence table on the CM10GD is anchored and does not increase (the 12″ saw does extend to a bigger and a little above table surface).

In making use of this saw, it is strong advised that one is careful with the fence. You have to desist from cutting the fence. It is only recommended to cut the fence when the sliding fence is closed it becomes easily accessible to cut the fence if beveling the blade.

Blade Guard

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Miter saws have gained a wide acceptance and popularity with their blade guards. The blade guards make them distinguished. I recalled using a miter saw as a kid. The experience was not palatable. Seeing the blade guards of this miter saw will make you fall in love instantly with it. Its visibility is absolutely acceptable (fully plastic) which is found to be very critical when you are in the process of lining up cuts. The baby rollers on the end of the bouncer do an appealing and wonderful job in assisting to accumulate the bouncer from folding up. In comparison to other miter saws, the blade guard system in this saw is the best in the market.


The common issues individuals do have with miter saws is the weight. They prefer miter saws with light weight that they can easily carry and work with. This manufacturer of this saw did not disappoint users as they met their expectations. This weight will have great impact in the works of users as they will find it a worthy companion on remote job sites and in workplaces.

Dust collection system

The dust collection system of this saw works wonderfully well that you will give it a top consideration to have one. It is capable of removing 90% of dust produced in the course of working. This is made possible because this saw has an inbuilt shroud system that is attached at the back of the blade for easy dust collection with the help of the port. To get an increased level of dust collection, the manufacturers made it as easy as possible by simply extending the shroud.

Conclusions on BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH

SO this is my honest BOSCH CM10GD 10-INCH review and I hope you liked it. The Axial-Glid System on the Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw  has made a popular choice miter saw among many users both professionals and amateurs. The engineering done on it makes this miter saw a perfectly accurate and precise saw. The design has also made it to be a very compact saw that is so easy to carry. When you are considering a great combination of excellent accuracy with top notch quality features like the crown lock, then this saw is the best for you.

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