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Bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 mitre saw full review

If there is any saw that has given users well enough reasons to invest their hard earned money, it is the bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 miter saw. They are both 12 inch compound saw that makes wood work easier for amateurs and professionals. Little wonder, it has become the favorite among many users. The pros of using this saw surpassed the cons. Hence, it has become a top choice for me, likewise many other individuals. Irrespective of your needs or desires, you will find this most useful. It is a good companion when you work on wood work projects. You will surely be impressed at its overall value. If you look for a top class quality, performance and precision while working on projects, then this saw is right there for you to fit tightly into your needs. You have no other way to go than to simply get this saw for yourself.

The manufacturers left no stone unturned in its design and engineering as you will be simply amazed at the top notch innovation and technology that was deployed in its architecture. One thing that stands this saw out among many other saws is the packaging. The packaging is simply superb. The packaging alone will get you attracted with this saw to the extent that you will be compelled to open it to saw the content. That’s the beauty the manufacturers put in this saw that will make you buy it upon your first contact with it. Aside the packaging, the making of the saw was done with the best of quality materials and advanced technology. Hence, you will derive much more in the use of this saw for your projects no matter the size. The saw has the following as its contents:

  1. A dust bag
  2. One wrench set
  3. A piece of blade
  4. One clamp

If you want a feature-rich miter saw, then you have come in contact with the right one. This saw is super rich with lots of beneficial features for the optimum output in your projects. What makes this miter saw stand out among the crowd of saws in the market? We will be throwing light on the features that make this saw a unique one. These features make it a quality tool that is indispensable to have. With the insight you will gain in this review, you will have no other option but to get out there and get for yourself this miter saw.

Versatility and Power

This miter is a simple expression of the combination of power and versatility. Ever wondered if a saw can be so powerful and with a wide range of usefulness? You have your puzzle answered in this miter saw. As a powerful saw, it has an inch base measuring 25-0.5 inches with lots of efficiency in offering you unparalleled power and versatility you will never see elsewhere. Most saws in the market do not come near this feat. With so much power to offer, it is amazing to know that this miter saw does not consume much power as it is only powered by a motor of 15A capacity. Despite this low power rating, it can still cater for a varied range of sizes of materials. You can see where its versatility plays in. So you are covered while working with a full assurance of an excellent work irrespective of the nature or size of the materials you are working with. This saw also comes with an electrically powered brake and blade that is topped with carbide for great levels of accuracy in cuts. With the 25-1/2 inch base comes an integrated cast extension for sliding purpose that offers you the option of extending it up to a length of 40 inches. With this, you can easily add up to the proficiency you get in cutting crown molding.

Multiplicity of dents

With this miter saw, you have multiple of dents that allows you to get distinct edge while cutting. More so, you will also get a consistently accurate and precise angle while working with it with the help of the miter dent system. A striking thing about this miter dent is that it has an angle range of 52 degrees towards the left and 60 degrees towards the right. The angles at which the miter dents show up at  the left include angles 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 while  it shows up at angle 60 degrees on the right. The essence of these bevel angles is to guarantee that you have a perfectly precise and accurate angle cut while working.

Ease of setting for accuracy

This miter saw provides you with an easy access to set and configure it for your desired accuracy. The manufacturers have made this happen with the help of the 25-1/2 inch base. You can easily get a great level of delivery in accuracy with the help of the easy adjustments system it has. It has easy to see and use miter and bevel scales that you can override to give you simple and fast angle setting. In addition, there is also the presence of front bevel lock system and a selector knob for the ranges that are easy to reach and operate for precision.


This saw with a power capacity of 15Amp is able to work and deliver results at an amazing speed of 3,800RPM. With this speed, it is able to work fast and do much more work within a fraction of time, thus increasing its efficiency. For the sake of convenience for the user while working, this saw s designed with the routing of the power cord from the rail at the back. This is to reduce and totally remove the possibility of an interference with the slide.  Its cut capacity is second to none. It is an industry leader in this regard. It is capable of churning out 6-3/4 inch vertical cutting capacity, 7.5 inch nested crown cutting capacity and 13-7/8 inch horizontal cutting capacity. In making cutting capacity to its simplest and highest state, the saw has a rail lock latch that helps in gripping the head far away from the fence.


In comparing the bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 mitre saw, it is great to note that the saws are both portable. They have convenient handles for ease access and use by the users. With their portability comes the ease of carriage. So, one can easily carry them about while working. They have two handles at the top of the saw with two other handles on the side for lifting purpose.  The bosch 5312 is heavier in the weight than the dewalt dws780. They may not be the lightest miter saws in the market but the design of their handles make them easy to carry and simple to work with.


The bosch 5312 weighs 59 lbs making it to be a little heavier than the dewalt dws780 which weights about 56lbs.

Dust Collection

There is a new saw dust collection in these miter saws. The dust collection systems are simply amazing. The systems are capable of collecting dust to the capacity of 75% of generated dust.

Pros of the Bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 miter saw

  1. The bosch 5312 has lived up to expectation in the aspect of accuracy. The level of accuracy it gives is far more top notch like that of the dewalt dws 780 miter saw and other miter saws in the market.
  2. Its durability is excellent. As you grow in the number of years of using this saw, it does not disappoint you.
  3. Its cutting speed is superb. Hence, it produces works at faster rates.
  4. Its appearance and sleek design makes it portable.

Cons of the Bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 miter saw

  1. The blade does not last long. You have to change it at frequent times.

Pros of the Bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 miter saw

  1. It produces a high level of accuracy and precision in cutting wood results.
  2. It has angle setting buttons unlike the bosch 5312.
  3. The power blades are super and better than those of the bosch 5312.
  4. It has LED light and an XPS system that will blow the mind of users away. This is to give more accuracy in marking the targeted area of the material to be cut.


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Cons of the Dewalt dws780  miter saw

  1. Not as durable as the bosch 5312 miter saw.


Conclusion on bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 mitre saw

In reviewing the bosch 5312 vs dewalt dws780 mitre saw, it can be rightly concluded that they are both excellent saws with much more to offer the users than any other saws in the market. They are top quality tools that every wood worker must have in his possession for optimum quality output of works in projects they embark upon. There is no record of dissatisfaction or complaints from users who have used these miter saws in the past. The report from my interview with individuals who have used these miter saws show that they got what they wanted. Hence, there are good tools to invest your money on. While both have similar delivery of top quality and performance, the unique feature of the Bosch 5312 is the availability of upfront controls and table extensions.

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