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Bosch 12 inch miter saw( All you need to know)

The architecture with which the Bosch 12 inch miter saw is designed makes it to stand out among many a miter saws. In continuity in solving the needs of professional and Do it yourself wood workers, the manufacturers of this saw has left no stone unturned in ensuring that a satisfactory product is released into the market. And that’s what you get with this saw. Specifically, this saw is designed with a 12 inch size with the aim of solving the challenge users do have when they work with 10 inches miter saw. It is commonly experienced by users when they work with 10 inch miter saws to having the tube extending to 1w inches to the incapacity of the miter saws. What usually results after this is that one will be left with the only option of wasting precious length of space to the extent of two or three square feet in most cases. This is not comfortable and acceptable to most wood workers – both professionals and amateurs as they will prefer to put the wasted space into a profitable use. So this miter saw came into existence to solve this seemingly big challenge among woodworkers. This saw is not any other saw you have come across. It is superlatively efficient and bound to give you a better pleasurable experience in your use of miter saws for your wood work projects. No other saw can come near its performance. The technology it uses to solve this problem of wastage of space while working is based on the workings of the pairs of hinged arms which it comes with. Each pair of these hinged arms has different knuckles of up to three that makes provision for it to achieve the cut capacity of up to 13 ½ inches. Hence, you get a great degree of accuracy while you work with it. This is also due to the fact that it has a very strong tolerance level for the sliding hinge bearings. Another beautiful thing is that you can easily set this resistance to your desired taste. A big benefit you get in using this saw is that you can easily hang it on the wall.  With this revolutionary miter saw, you are set to have a great and memorable experience of a life time. You can get it better elsewhere with this miter saw. It is simply features and power packed. We will take a look at what it has got to offer.

Benefits of the Bosch 12 inch miter saw

  1. It is an exceptional 12 inches miter saw that has a smooth and superb cutting capacity, with an awesome cutting motion. It also has a great saving space capacity, and an accurate performance system.
  2. It has a square lock system that is pre-aligned to assist the saw in maintaining an accurate position all thorough out the time it is being used.
  3. The soft grip system with which it is made up has the double presence of vacuum adaptor and dust collector that helps to give users comfort while working.
  4. This saw provides users with a wide range of cutting capacity, miter scales and easy to access control systems.
  5. It is made with an inbuilt expansion base systems that is capable of providing left and right positions support for materials up to 60%.
  6. It has easy to adjust miter dents. The manufacturer has made this so easy and simple to the tune of having degrees at 0, 15, 31.6, 22.5, 45, and 60 degrees with superb precision and durability.
  7. It has an enviable dust collection capacity of 90%. This is expected as the dust collection system the miter saw came with is in an advanced mode.
  8. Its handle and trigger system comes with a great level of ergonomics. So, the users were put in great consideration during its design and engineering. With this great level of consideration in ergonomics, users are given a great premium of comfort.


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Bevel and Indent angle levels

The saw bevels to an extent of 47 degree in both angles and miters capacity to 60 degree appropriately to the right and 52 degrees to the left. There are nine detents for most acceptable alliance settings and the bow-shaped ring that houses the detent notches is adjustable for bringing the saw to a square shape. Although we’ve experienced it on previous models of the Bosch miter saws, I most especially like the upfront angle control settings in this saw as it helps in eliminating completely the possibility of an extension at the back of the saw for angle adjustments. I did a test of the saw with some parts of different woods and abstracts and it performed exceedingly above my expectation. The results exceptionally right for the kind of work I was doing. I can’t this elsewhere.  The degree of smoothness of the cuts was absolutely satisfactory and the bevels produced accurate.


Power and speed

As powerful and exceptional this miter saw, it does not consume much of power. For it to work, you only need to power it up with a power capacity of 15 amperes. The motor it uses is a 15A powered motor. So, you can get so much done with less. It is so powerful to that extent. The manufacturer did a good in eliminating the chaffs and incorporating the useful components in the design and make of this superb miter saw. Aside its low power rating, it has the capacity of churning out work at the amazing speed of 3800 RPM. This speed is top notch and revolutionary as most commonly used miter saws do not have this capacity. With the speed of this tool, you will achieve more results in little time with great amount of accuracy and precision.

Brake system

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This miter saw is designed with a brake system that works automatically. It does not need an auxiliary system for it to work. It works excellently on its own accord. With this automatic brake system, this miter saw can easily put to a halt the operations of the blade with very small time, usually within five seconds. It can also put the blade to stop by alternatively releasing the trigger off it.

Dust Collection

The aspect of a touch of innovation in this miter saw did not have an exemption in the dust collection system. There is a new level of sophistication in its dust collection mechanism that you will not see in other miter saws. The dust collection system is simply amazing. It is capable of eliminating dust to the capacity of 90% of generated dust.


In examining the features of this saw, it is great to note that the saw is very portable. Its design and portability have made it to be a professional’s delight. It comes with strong and durable handles that will provide convenience and ease of access by both the professional and amateur users. With its portability comes a good level of ease of carriage. So, one can easily carry it about while working. You can also simply hang it on the wall for safety and security purposes. It has two handles at the top of the saw with two other handles on the side for lifting purpose.  


Pros of the Bosch 12 inch miter saw

  1. Its sliding system for the glide is absolutely exceptional and powerful.
  2. For ease of use and accessibility, the controls for the miter and bevels are located at the front side of this saw.
  3. It has an embedded support system that gives the users a great measure of convenience and comfort while using it.
  4. You can easily hang and position this miter saw on the wall. Hence, you don’t have need for a sliding system.
  5. It comes with a simple to read and use instructional guide. Hence, amateur users will find it a good companion. The professional users are also not left in the scheme of things as they will have one thing or the other to derive from this instructional guide.


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Cons of the Bosch 12 inch miter saw

  1. You will need to dome basic little assembling of the parts together. Some individuals may not find this friendly.

Conclusion on the Bosch 12 inch miter saw

The Bosch 12 inch miter saw can be rightly concluded as being both an excellent saw and a top notch classical saw with much more offerings to give to the users than any other saws in the market. It is a top quality saw made from advanced engineering and materials that every wood worker must own in his kitten for optimum quality output of works in projects they embark upon. Its innovation is a great attraction to both amateur and professional users. It is highly recommended as it will deliver exceptional values to individuals. 

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